7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities


With Earth Day just around the corner, you’ll want to get your hands on these classroom ready free activities for Earth day. Each April we get the chance to talk about being good stewards of the Earth and these free Earth Day activities can help.

7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities

Add these free printables for Earth day to your lesson plans for early elementary grades.

Earth Day Games

Play games to celebrate Earth day!

Start with this free Long A Words Scoot Game that will have your class moving around the classroom.

7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities - Read the Room an Earth Day Activity - Counting Money
source: smilingandshininginsecondgrade.blogspot.com

Working on money? You’ll love this counting money read the room activity for Earth day and your students will too.

Or get your students working on fractions as they play this comparing fractions equivalent fractions Earth Day game.

Keep students reading on April 22nd – but spice it up with a Roll and Read Earth Day activity.

Earth Day Crafts

Get a little hands on with these Earth Day crafts you can totally pull together in no time.

7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities - Easy Recycling Earth Day Craft - Teach Junkie
source: funink1.com

Focus on the 3 R’s with a Reduce, Reuse, Recycle craft. You can add a piece of writing to it as well.

7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities - Recycled Paper Daisies & Dragonfly Art Project
Source: artiswhatiteach.blogspot.com

Practice what you preach! Recycle materials (or upcycle them!) into a beautiful recycled dragonfly or daisy piece of artwork.

7 Classroom Ready Free Earth Day Activities - Earth Day Fact or Opinion - Teach Junkie
Source: dailylearningtothecore.blogspot.com

And here are two free worksheets for Earth day that will come in handy. One is actually a little booklet, but you have flexibility with how you decide to use it.

I hope you can draw inspiration or use some of these classroom ready ideas to celebrate Earth Day this year.

If you’re in the market for more Earth Day ideas then you should check out 10 Teacher Friendly Earth Day Go-To Activities.

10 teacher friendly go-to activities for Earth day

Or grab these 7 Fast Activities for Earth Day and Free Printables.

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