Recycled Paper Daisies & Dragonfly Art Project


Get creative and resourceful with this recycling art project. Here is a tutorial for a simple recycled paper art project to make with second or third grade. You can make stunning art with simple outlines and a black background.

These large-sized daisies and dragonflies would make beautiful art for hallways or wall displays. Since these are created with recycled paper, you could even stash this idea away for Earth Day!

Recycled Paper Daisies & Dragonfly Art Project

Recycled Art Paper Dragonflies and Daisies

Use your stash of painted paper from recent projects and magazines to have the supplies on hand for this project. Students trace and cut out pattern pieces to either a dragonfly or a daisy from the saved paper. Using a combination of both results in a very unique look.

Use bright colored construction paper to create a border and glue each piece onto a black construction paper background. You could even change up this project by making something other than dragonflies or daisies! Each project will be unique even though students are using a pattern…


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