7 St. Patrick’s Day Math Free Downloads

St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect time to play themed math games!  All of these free downloads can help spice up your math time by giving them a game to practice their math skills. These are shared by fantastic teachers who have generous hearts.  Their free math downloads will hopefully make your life easier as you find something to practice addition, subtraction, multiplication or place value. Most of these are games, but there is one set of problem solving for double digits.

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You’ll find these fitting for first grade and above.

7 St. Patrick’s Day Free Downloads

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source: surfinthroughsecond.com

1.  Lucky Coins – Use playing cards that are the golden ticket to winning this game. This will engage your strategists in the classroom as they plot how to get five in a row. Students will work on adding up to 18 and work smart to solve and cover pieces on the game board. {Free download}

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source: grannygoestoschool.blogspot.com

2.  Leaping Leprechauns – If you have two players and 5 dice, then you’ve got yourself a race for leaping leprechauns. This fantastic game will have students working to see how they can use the most addends to create a target number. The more they can use, the closer they get to the finish. Who doesn’t love a good race? {Free download}

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source: bakingcraftingteaching.blogspot.com

3. Place Value Pots of Gold – Place value practice can be as colorful as the rainbow with this matching game that has the place vale digits listed out of order. This freebie includes a recording sheet for students to record their matches. {Free download}

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source: mcdonaldgrade4.blogspot.com

4. Four Clover Math – This game will remind you of Monopoly in the respect that students move around the gameboard and get a bonus for landing on the largest shamrock. The game board and a die are all you need to get a set of numbers to work on multiplying (or adding)… your students will love rolling their way to a win.

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source: livelovelaughkindergarten.blogspot.com

5. Old Lady Roll and Cover – Such a classic game to increase the fluency of adding numbers. You could easily turn this into a “bump” game for students to play in pairs to make it more interactive and to create additional turns to practice addition.

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source: learningwithmrsparker.blogspot.com

6. Lucky Ten Frames Mat – This work mat is a great way to work towards composing or decomposing numbers 11-19 for kindergarten students or to work on addition or subtraction within 20 for first grade. Add a few gold coins and it’ll be a hit (or maybe skittles to bring in a piece of the rainbow!)

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source: creativecommoncoreclassroom.blogspot.com

7. Addition and Subtraction Story Problems – Designed for second grade, you’ll be glad that these story problems are connected to the Common Core Standards. You’re students will enjoy the theme approach to use drawing and equations to solve within 100. Thank you fantastic teachers – your ideas are a great way to bring the luck of the Irish into math instruction! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.

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