Sight Words Battleship Treasure Hunt Game

Practice sight words in fun ways! Here is a free battleship-style game for students to recognize, read and spell high-frequency words.

This idea can even be used for vocabulary words or spelling words at any grade level. You’ll love teaching the strategies to play this sight word battleship game and students will beg to play it!

Sight Words Battleship Treasure Hunt Game - Teach Junkie

Sight Words Battleship-Style Game

Take a little twist on the concept of sinking a battleship as students hunt for treasure in this sight words game. Students use a wipe-off surface, like a laminated sheet of paper folded in half as their gameboard.

Sitting across from their playing partner, they take turns calling out a number (in place of tricky coordinates) and hoping to land on a letter.

When they discover an entire word they get to keep a treasure coin – first one to get all of their partner’s coins wins!


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