Syllables – 8 Easy to Print Activities


Learning how to count syllables in words is a skill for kindergarten through third grade. Here are 8 syllables activities ready to print and use in a classroom. You’ll find a syllables counter activity like sorting syllables, Holiday vocabulary words and a syllable worksheet are all included.

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Counting Syllables Printables : Syllables - 8 Easy to Print Activities Teach Junkie

Counting Syllables

1. Sight Word Syllable Sort and Graph – Work on both language arts and math with this combination activity for third grade. Read and sort based on the number of syllables, record onto graph sheet. (no longer available)

2. Counting Syllables – This beginning book is designed for kindergarten or first grade. Illustrate and use colored stickers to show the number of syllables for the main image.

Holiday Themed Counting Syllables Activities : Syllables - 8 Easy to Print Activities Teach Junkie

Holiday Themed Syllable Activities

3. Valentine Syllable Activity – Sort the Valentine vocabulary word stamps into 1, 2 and 3 syllable columns.

4. Fabulous Fall Syllables – A combination of fall words for Halloween all the way through Thanksgiving, students sort word cards into piles.

5. Sorting Suess Syllables – Sort Seuss themed words with a wocket in my pocket or two.

6. Holiday Syllable Sort – Lots of December Holidays are all represented in this sort.

Seasonal Syllable Printable Activities Worksheet : Syllables - 8 Easy to Print Activities Teach Junkie

Seasonal Syllable Printables

7. Apples and Fall Syllable Cards – Word cards all relating to apples and picking apples makes this fast to print.

8. Winter Vocabulary Worksheet – Get students clapping and using tally marks while they complete this worksheet.

With these eight printables and lesson ideas, your students will each be a syllable counter in no time!

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