Top 5 Teaching Ideas to Use this Week {5-6}


Its that time again – I’m featuring my teaching ideas to use this week from last Tuesday’s linky party. I hope you find something fantastic that you’d like to make or teach this week, I know you’re going to love this creative set!

Teach Junkie: Teaching Idea Tuesday - Lesson Plans, Activities, Tips

These are just the top 5 teaching ideas that I had time to highlight, you’ll see many more on Teach Junkie and featured on our facebook page. So a huge thank you for those who took the time to link up their fabulous teaching ideas!

Teach Junkie: Coin Insect Game

3. Coin Insect Game – Games that are simple to teach how to play and yet great practice are favorites of mine. Here is a classic bump game that works with adding coins together. This game is perfect for spring and first grade and is fun since it uses a spinner. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: Bulletin Board Tips & Tricks

4. Bulletin Board Tips & Tricks – You’re going to love these tips and tricks on how to create bulletin board where you can change out student work. This tutorial will also give you great photos on how to line up lettering straight so that it always comes out looking great!

Teach Junkie: Paragraph Writing - Main Ideas & Details

5. Paragraph Writing – Main Ideas & Details –  Teaching paragraph writing with a focus on main idea and supporting details just got more simple. You’ll love this set of practice worksheets and sorting cards to write 5 sentence paragraphs. {Free download}

Teach Junkie: Page Poetry

6. Page Poetry – Here is a visually stunning way to practice poetry and get students engaged. Can’t you just see their faces now as they watch you rip pages from a book in order to use them to create page poetry. Work on ‘scanning’ and rereading a text multiple times at the same time as being creative. Brilliant and beautiful.

Teach Junkie: "PQ3R" Non-fiction Reading Strategy

9. “PQ3R” Non-fiction Reading Strategy – Get the play by play for a lesson in teaching a non-fiction strategy. You’ll find out how you can model a think-aloud, have your students take notes and then give this strategy a try. You’ll love that it really will break down what we as adults have learned how to do and help create the pattern of thinking for your students. {Free download}

Are you wondering what was the most popular {or most clicked on} idea from the party was? Well… it was Bulletin Board Tips and Tricks.

Thanks ladies. Your ideas are wonderful! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your ideas are definitely worth the shout out. {yesirree}

You can view all of the ideas linked up HERE. If you have a blog, be sure to check in on Tuesday when you can link up your favorite or most recent teaching tip like something you made, taught, a lesson or a fun tip. Also, don’t forget to check out the Teach Junkie Facebook page for even more creative ideas, free downloads and tips.

Leslie {aka the original Teach Junkie} loves learning new things to make teaching easier and more effective. She enjoys featuring creative classroom fun when she's not designing teacher shirts, making kindergarten lesson plans or planning her family's next trip to Disney World.