2 Classroom Management Expectations Poster Sets


Classroom management is the other name for what we do all day as teachers. We create classroom systems that allow students to learn to their fullest potential.

Here are two ideas that help clarify classroom expectations and the why behind classroom procedures. I hope you’ll like these two creations from these creative teachers and hope that they can help you keep a consistent classroom system.

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1. Classroom Management – What I’m Looking For

WYou may be able to connect with the fact that when planning lessons we always are focused on outcomes and standards, despite whether we are writing down an objective number or not.

This idea is a great way to communicate to your student the why’s behind each lesson you plan.

Teach Junkie: 2 Classroom Management Expectations Poster Sets
source: topnotchteaching.com

The teacher here gives the example of sharing what she wants to know from students and what they are practicing. In addition, she then shares the value behind the concept.

Can’t you see telling students “this is because…” and seeing less resistance behind giving the material a go?

I can see this being a great way to set expectations for lessons and students understanding the value behind… resulting in less behavior issues during a lesson.

2. Classroom Management – Whole Brain Teaching

There is research to back up how integrating whole brain teaching strategies can help improve student learning and improve classroom management systems.

Bring these free posters into your classroom as a way to either remind yourself of the strategies you have at your disposal, or to use to prompt students when teaching each strategy.

Teach Junkie: 2 Classroom Management Expectations Poster Sets - Whole Brain Teaching
source: 3rdgradethoughts.com

I think that these colorful options would fit great into any grade level classroom.

Thanks to these teachers for their free downloads that are creative and simply beneficial to creating a positive classroom management system.

Your ideas are fabulous!

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