How to make subbing easier in preschool

Here is a quick tip that makes subbing easier in preschool. If you teach preschool or pre-k, then help out your substitute by leaving this one thing.

Help your substitute out tremendously by giving them the tools to familiarize themselves with students names before the day begins and easily throughout the day.

On days that I would need a substitute teach for me in preschool, I would have name tags set out for each child by my attendance chart.

How to make subbing easier in preschool

These name tags had both the child’s name and picture on them. It would make it easier for the sub to call each student by name.

I have had quite a few substitutes give me compliments for having made name tags for them.

You can use name tags that are on sentence strips, stickers or just plain paper. Making name tags with both names and pictures will come in handy.

I hope you liked my suggestion and can use it in your classroom too.

– Originally posted by Jacque (mommy-and-me-creations) on Teaching Blog Addict

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