11 Free Telling Time Games Online


Telling time made fun with online interactive games. Here is a collection of 11 telling time games – all online, free and interactive. Ditch the worksheet practice and substitute in online games for kids to work on telling time to the hour, half hour in smaller intervals and in words.

11 Free Telling Time Games Online

Telling Time Games Online

Most of these telling time games come from the UK so if you teach outside of the United Kingdom, you may find that you need to listen to directions more than once. {wink} These help practice data and measurement common core standards.

1. On Time – Click the hands on the analog clock and drag them to match the digital time.

2. Telling the Time – Work on figuring out what time it will be after so much time has passed and match digital to analog clock times. There are three levels of play. (no longer available)

3. Hickory Dickory DockRead the time in words and help the mouse run up the clock. If you’re right, the mouse gets the cheese. If you’re wrong, the cat swats away the mouse.

11 Free Telling Time Games Online - Teach Junkie
Source: topmarks.co.uk

4. Stop the Clock 1 – Drag the digital clock times to the correct analog clock with time to the hour and half hour. (no longer available)

5. Stop the Clock 2 – Drag the digital clock times to the correct analog clock with time in 15 mins. increments. (no longer available)

6. Bang on Time – Stop the clock when the constantly ticking hands reach the correct time stated in words. (no longer available)

7. Stop the Clock 3 – Drag the digital clock times to the correct analog clock with time in 5 mins. increments. (no longer available)

8. Set the Clock – You have options for this telling the time game. Set to the hour or half hour by moving the analog clock hands to match the spoken time.

9. Match the Times – You’ve got lots of telling time game options. Mix and match your telling time skill level with the type of clock or to words. This is a memory game so students make matches to win.

10. Telling Time in Words – Four options to add time using word problems, find the starting time, telling the time and telling the time in words. Click on “full screen” to play this game on a desktop or laptop computer.

11. Stop the Clock 4 – Drag the digital clock times to the correct analog clock with time in 1 min. increments. (no longer available)

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