Even and Odd Cut and Paste Alien Printable

Even and odd sorting is a skill for first and second grade. Here is a single page alien themed cut and paste worksheet to practice even and odd number recognition. Students solve the addition problem within 10 and sort their answer based on the sum. The idea of turning numbers that are even into “Evenians” an extraterrestrial life form, may just be the hook some of your students need to get into this skill.

Even and Odd Cut and Paste Alien Printable - Teach Junkie
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Alien Even and Odd Cut and Paste Worksheet

This free printable has two large spaceships. The spaceships are the sorting place holders for number that are even or odd. After solving the basic equation, students cut and paste their answer onto the correct spaceship. These correct answers are the fuel cells that the spaceships need to return to their respective planets. Which spaceship will make it home first? Only sorting the cards will tell.


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