How to Host Your Own Mathapalooza – Math All Day Long

Next week, I am planning on having a Read-a-thon with my students. We have been talking about it all week.

My students have been getting excited but have asked if we will have a day where we could do math all day. Today was that day – Mathapalooza!


We had an amazing day together where we played some new games, brought math outside, and more!

Here are some ideas for activities you could do to host your own Mathapalooza:

  • “Beat the Teacher” timed tests
  • Brain breaks
  • Math scoot (outdoors)
  • Partner review game

While I am a third grade teacher, these activities could be used for any grade/age. Read more to get some freebies to host your own Mathapalooza or just to enjoy math more at the end of the school year!

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