Memory Game – Cupcake Multiplication


Memory games are a classic type of classroom game to reinforce skills. Here is a multiplication printable game that uses cupcakes. These 12 bold multiplication facts have 12 matching cards with the products. Students use the rules of memory games to flip the cards and make matches of the facts to the correct products.

Memory Game - Cupcake Multiplication - Teach Junkie

Cupcakes Memory Game for Multiplication Review

This printable memory game has 24 cards total, creating 12 matching sets. Students match a variety of multiplication facts (up to 12’s) with the correct product. This is a quick printable game that needs very little prep – but do print it onto construction paper in order to keep the cupcakes from showing through the paper. Students lay out cards in an array, flipping over two cards as a time to attempt to create a match. As memory game rules go – if they don’t match, cards must be flipped back over and two more should be chosen. Consider having students pick one of the sets and prove why it’s a match in their math journal as an extension or follow-up activity.


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