Place Value in Regrouping


If you’re teaching place value to first graders, take a look at how this teacher approaches regrouping.

Here is how one teacher uses a visual strategy to help students with adding and subtracting two digit numbers.

You’ll see that when working with numbers within 100 how making the transition from using just concrete objects to equations, a strategy can make all the difference.

Regrouping The Hardest Concept Ever to Teach

Teaching Place Value to Help Regrouping

Take the concrete concept that students understand when adding and subtracting base ten blocks to model addition and subtraction with two digits numbers.

For example, use a part-part-whole diagram or another familiar concept to help transition to use those numbers in an equation – and that an equation can be put into such a familiar visual too.

Use this idea to help students understand how addition and subtraction is composing and decomposing numbers without a printable.

Whatever visual strategy you’re teaching for understanding place value can be used to help teach regrouping!


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