Butterfly Observation Journal Printable


Studying butterflies for kids is a classic life science theme that I love! Here is a free download butterfly observation journal that you can print.

It’s perfect for watching monarch butterflies, painted lady butterflies or any kind go through metamorphosis. Print the number of pages you want to correspond with the number of days you want students to illustrate their observations.

Butterfly Observation Journal Printable - Teach Junkie
Source: learnwithleah.com

Free Download Butterfly Observation Journal

Print this half page butterfly observation journal to make quick student booklets. Print 4-5 pages if you want students to observe the different stages of metamorphosis – larvae, pupae, butterfly and eggs.

Your students will use the box to illustrate their observation. They can also add labels!

If you take a photo with your students and the butterflies at their release- that’d be a great last page!


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