Save the Snowman – 2 Winter Math Freebies

I’ve created two great games that would work great for January math stations. Hop on over to Heather’s Heart to grab this Save the Snowman and a Winter Tally freebie!

Save the Snowman - 2 Winter Math Freebies

How To Play Save the Snowman

Students play in pairs. Each kiddo has their own game board and 12 cubes or counters. Players take turns rolling the dice and either adding OR subtracting the numbers.

The first player to cover all of their snowflakes saves their snowman from melting… and wins!

The next activity is a tally worksheet with cards. You could easily use these to play scoot or write the room. It makes a quick center activity with no prep too.

Save the Snowman - 2 Winter Math Freebies - tally marks worksheet

Students count the number of wintery objects on each card. Then they write the matching number in tally marks on the appropriate line of their worksheet.

I hope you love these two winter freebies and will stop by to get them…

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