Tally Marks to 100 Game {Printable}

It’s a subitizing race to 100 with tally marks. Here’s a fun and easy game for primary students to use tally marks to track game points. This free printable math game has subitizing cards for students to use for game play. The first one to 100 points overall – wins! Perfect for first graders and second graders too.

Tally Marks to 100 Freebie - Teach Junkie
Source: primaryinspiration.blogspot.com

Tally Marks Printable Game

Students draw cards and do their best to subitize the number of objects on the card. They record the number in tally marks as points. The coolest part is that they have to keep going to get to 100 marks in order to win the game. They quickly learn when to cross out 5 to keep track of their points…

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