Parking Your Math Strategies: Fun Center

Get students revved up to identify math strategies. Here is a fun math center idea that involved students parking matchbox cars – and easy to prep too! Students will enjoy using cars with math facts or equations written on them and having to park the cars in order to identify the correct math strategy to solve.

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Parking Your Math Strategies: Fun Center - Teach Junkie

Parking Lot Math Strategies

This center idea requires paper for a parking lot and matchbox cars. Tape on the math facts and create your parking lot with regularly used math strategies to solve the equations. Students will esentially match the cars to the correct space. This concept could be applied to parking cars based on the correct base ten group (#73 gets parked in the 70’s), mixed fractions or even matching time written in digital time on the car to an analog clock on paper. Try it with any “matching” idea that’ll work for your classroom to ditch the traditional worksheets.


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