Keeping Track of Weekly Specials {Free Printable}


Keep track of your weekly specials schedule with printable cards. If you find yourself struggling to remember which day is gym or computer lab – these free printable specials cards may just be the thing.

Print and post the schedule cards in your classroom under along with the days of the week and you’ll always have a visual reminder!

Weekly Specials Schedule Cards Free Printable

Specials Printable Schedule Cards

When it comes to keeping track of which day is library and which day is computer lab – it can be tiring. Print out these days of the week cards, or use your classroom calendar as the place to post these specials cards.

Simply cut out the specials cards that apply to your classroom and post them under the correct day of the week.

You can also write the time on the cards if you need a little help remembering that too. I honestly had to turn on my cell phone alarm for a few specials since I was very good at losing track of time for weirdly-timed specials!


  • specials (title) black
  • specials (title) rainbow
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (black)
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (rainbow)
  • science
  • electives
  • computers/computer lab
  • lunch
  • recess
  • music
  • PE/gym
  • library/media center
  • art

Download Schedule Printable Cards for Free

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