Think Before You Speak Name Tags Template


Here is  way to remind students how to think before you speak. This name tags template is a colorful badge that you can use to decorate your classroom from the first day until the last of school. Since this how to think before you speak printable is a free download you can print as many you want to last throughout the year!

I love this idea of teaching or reminding students how to think before you speak and the discussions that can be opened by having these words printed around the classroom.

This name tags template with a few different fonts and styles just to give you a few options. {wink}

Think Before You Speak Name Tags Template {Free Download}

Hopefully you’ll love the bright and modern color choices too. There are two badges per page and there is a long and short name tags template in case you want to use it for first names or for first and last names.

  Teach Junkie: Think Before You Speak Name Tags Template

Think Before You Speak Name Tags Template

There is also two kinds of name tag template spaces for writing names. I’ve added a rainbow palette for those of you who *love* color and then a set as seen above with just the deep indigo dotted border. The best thing is that you get to choose your favorite and have style when teaching your students how to think before you speak.

Want a poster to match? I’ve created a set of Think Before You Speak Posters to go with. They look great inserted into a photo frame or laminated and hung in the classroom.

Love them but don’t need a name tags template?

Here is another fun way to use this how to think before you speak printable:

Hang a laminated one above your classroom computers with a label like, “computer #1” or turn it into a compliment card that a student can turn in a note of edification about a peer for positive recognition.

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