5 Fast Free Scoot Games for Kids


Scoot games are a fun way to practice any standard and get kids moving around the classroom. Here are 5 scoot games for kids, plus scoot game rules and a scoot games template in case you want to make your own or create one for leaving with a substitute teacher.

Scoot games often involve task cards, worksheets or recording sheets.

Fast Free Scoot Games - Teach Junkie

Scoot Games for Kids

1. Percentage Scoot Game – Finding the percentage of whole numbers like “What is 5% of 25” this scoot game is designed for upper elementary.

2. Social Studies Scoot Review – Here are some basic social studies questions that cover states, continents, presidents. Probably best for second grade, third grade or fourth grade.

3. Scoot Task Cards – Designed for both first and second grade, this game incorporates logical thinking as students must figure out which number sentence belongs.

4. Cause and Effect – Using short situations, this cause and effect scoot game works great for third though fifth grade.

5. Estimating Numbers Scoot – This teacher describes scoot as students “solving 20 math problems and having the time of their lives.” Her estimating/rounding two-digit numbers to the nearest ten scoot game will help keep kids engaged.

Scoot Game Rules and Directions

Scoot Game Rules Video – Want to see a game of scoot in action? Here’s a video tutorial on how to play scoot, plus four more free scoot downloads.

Scoot Game Template – This blank template will save you time when you create your own scoot game.

How to Play Scoot and Classroom Management Tips for Playing Scoot – The rules and ways to move students through a game of scoot. Make your scoot games go smoothly by reading tips from a teacher who already use scoot in her classroom.

There you have it! Fast and free scoot games to help practice any standard. Thanks talented teachers – your printables and task cards are great!

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