Teacher Tip: Use Class Lists for Everything

Ever wonder what you can do with your class list – that’s more than just take attendance? Here are a few more ideas that may surprise you.

Our reader who submitted this teacher tip says,

Teacher Tip: Use Class Lists for Everything

These are my “routing slips” that I use for everything!

  • I take roll on field trips
  • I keep track of assignments & projects
  • I mark them off after sending them to the nurse for health checks
  • I use them to keep track of who has drawn sticks for reading aloud

and many many more [uses]!!

I copy them on colored paper and put 2 per page.  They are so handy!!

— Submitted By Lori K., Missouri

How else can you use them?

  • Keep a few stashed away in your substitute folder.
  • Make a copy to keep with your emergency exit clipboard. That way in an emergency – you don’t have to rely on memory for last names.
  • Take a copy to specials classes. Let the teachers make notes for you as needed about student behavior.
  • Make a copy for counting lunches. Students highlight their name if they plan to purchase a hot lunch.
  • Have students write down their “order” for popcorn day (if you have to submit orders in advance).
  • Collecting money for anything — picture day? book fair? santa’s secret workshop? Keep a quick list of who submitted and how much.

When you print them onto colored paper they are easy to find amidst other papers on your desk. Be sure to get the most out of your class lists by doing the same.

So clever Lori – thanks for sharing with us.

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