How to Prepare Mentally to Teach Kindergarten


Whether you’re a first year teacher, or a teacher who has been in the classroom for a few years – you may find yourself in new territory this year… Kindergarten! If you’ve landed a teaching kindergarten job – congratulations.

I’m so serious. I love kindergarten and it’s been where I lived, ate and breathed teaching for every year I’ve ever worked. With this new territory you may be in for a few surprises so let me walk you through them.

Tips for a first year kindergarten teacher - I love this. This seems to be super helpful to a new teacher and not overwhelming... since taking on a new grade level (or starting your first year of teaching) is stressful enough!

Prepare to Start Teaching Kindergarten

Let me share a couple of things you want to keep in mind in order to be mentally prepared as you can to teach kindergarten. I’m not going to tell you an exhaustive list, nor give you 30 things you’ve got to do before the school year begins…

but I will tell you a few tried and true secrets that will make you feel more confident, ready and prepared to enjoy your school year in kindergarten…

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Leslie is the teacher-mom behind KindergartenWorks. She believes in teaching kindergarten students how to be pretty incredible along with teaching them to read, write and think for themselves. She enjoys graphic design, learning new things and sharing with teachers.