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Spend a day with Earthworms and make it a “worm kind of day.” Here is an overview of how to investigate and observe Earthworms for a life science investigation. Students can read about worms prior to the investigation so that their observations can have deeper connections.

Use a brace map or another form of idea mapping to help students record their observations and use them in a writing extension piece.

This is a great starting place for creating a special day for kindergarten or first grade.

It's a Worm Kind of Day - Teach Junkie
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Earthworm Life Science Activities

Explore the life of Earthworms by reading about them using age-appropriate non fiction texts. Students can hold, observe and record the ways an Earthworm behaves.

Record student findings and connect them to the text, or create lists of adjectives to describe the worms. Students can compare worms to humans or investigate the importance of worms using the link to a free worm day printable set.

Find a suitable place to release the Earthworms on the school grounds…


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