Simple 3D Parts of a Plant Craft


Go beyond cutting and pasting with this parts of a plant 3D project. Here is a simple activity to label the plant parts using a cupcake liner, pipe cleaner and yarn. This labeling activity is fitting for kindergarten or first grade.

Students will assemble a 3D flower using the items and cut and paste the labels onto and around the flower. You could also cut slits in the cupcake liner to add petals or a puff ball to add a stamen or pistils depending upon how detailed you want to get.

Simple 3D Parts of a Plant Craft - Teach Junkie

3D Flower Plant Parts Craft

Use blue and brown construction paper to create the ground and air background for the flower. Students glue on brown yarn or string (you could also use brown packaging shred) to make roots under the soil.

Attach a green pip cleaner to create the stem of the flower and a solid color cupcake liner to the top as the flower petals. Add hand drawn leaves from any type of 3D material such as felt or craft foam. Add some type of real seed to the middle of the flower such as sunflower seeds or even birdseed.

Complete the craft by adding hand written or cut and paste labels to the parts of a plant: root, stem, leaf, flower and seed…


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