Learning About Bats: Graphic Organizer and 3 Videos


Studying about bats in primary grades is fun and chock-full of learning. Teach your students the basics of bats with this free instant download bat fact graphic organizer and 3 bat videos online. Students will learn vocabulary, bat facts and write about bats. You can teach this topic any time of the year, not just in October!

Learning About Bats Graphic Organizer and 3 Videos - Teach Junkie
source: smilingandshininginsecondgrade.blogspot.com

About Bats – Lesson Overview

Gather lots of non-fiction books about bats. Select your favorites to use a read alouds and provide the rest as resource material. Use any or all of the three listed bat videos to extend your students learning. Use the bat writing graphic organizer to give students a place to write down their newly learned facts…

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