3 Go-To Honey Bee Resources for Teachers

Do honey bees fall into your units of study? Here are 3 online honey bees resources for students and teachers to use to research and learn about this unique insect. Use a kid-friendly online magazine, an all-about Honeybee informational website and a landing page of interesting facts about bees. These are great go-to resources if you learn about bees during your life science units.

3 Go-To Honey Bee Resources for Teachers - Teach Junkie
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Sweet Honey Bees Online Resources

Dig into the online student magazine articles on Honeybees by National Geographic for Kids and interesting facts about bees for kids. Use that interesting facts to complete a research project or go learn more about bumble bees, carpenter bees or even killer bees! Back up your own knowledge with an all about bees webpage, or use for upper grade levels. These 3 resources will be super helpful as you guide your class to learning more about bees.


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