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Fractions - 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities

Fractions – 20 Ready to Go Resources and Activities

Fractions are a part of many second through fifth grade classrooms. These 20 free fraction games, fraction worksheets, activities and resources will help simplify your lesson planning. There are a range on ideas you can adapt for dividing fractions, equivalent fractions and even simplifying fractions. 1. Manipulative Fractions – Here’s a great lesson using manipulatives to determine …

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Polygon Sort Freebie

Polygon Sort Freebie

My fourth graders struggle with knowing what is a polygon and what is not a polygon. I’ve found that if students have had little experience with irregular polygons, then they have the misconception that only familiar shapes (regular trapezoid, regular hexagon, regular decagon, etc.) are polygons. What I’m excited for them to learn is that …

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All About 2D Shapes! - freebie shape song

All About 2D Shapes!

We finally wrapped up our 2D shapes unit. I have a few 2D shapes freebies for you so come by my blog to check out each of these activities in more detail. Take your kindergarten students on a shape hunt around the classroom. Print this free activity sheet and students carry it around on a clipboard as …

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The BEST Way to Learn 3D Shapes - Teach Junkie

The BEST Way to Teach 3D Shapes

Working with 3D shapes is a geometry standard that finds itself reoccurring from Kindergarten through 2nd grade. You’ll love this quick tutorial on how to sculpt 3D shapes with playdough. It’s a great way to teach your standards in every grade level, connect with kinesthetic learners and it’s FUN! Sculpting 3D Shapes With Playdough Photo …

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Sir Cumference - Teach Junkie

3D Shapes “Sir Cumference” Investigation

Get the most out of learning about 3D shapes with an investigation. Here is a set of activities to help explore Euler’s formula, related math vocabulary and evaluating expressions. The theme for this 3D shapes set of printables is based off of a read aloud, making it a great cross-curricular activity! Dig into vertices, faces, …

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Math Tips for Teaching Quadrilaterals

Teaching math to fifth grade and integrating the Common Core standards means taking on geometry. Students must learn how to understand and describe the attributes of quadrilaterals as an example. Here is a song that teaches and a tip on how to do a class activity followed up by creating a table to help compare …

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3 Free Math Activities for Area, Perimeter, Volume

3 Free Math Activities for Area, Perimeter, Volume

You can teach math concepts like area, perimeter and volume with fun activities. These 3 free activities will help your students practice in ways that are meaningful and practical. You’ll find a playing game board, a set of activity cards for finding the area, perimeter and volume of 3D shapes and a name activity. These free …

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Describing Quadilaterals Bingo

Describing Quadrilaterals Bingo

Work on describing quadrilaterals and identifying them too with your class. Here is a free printable bingo game to describe quadrilaterals. This game includes game boards and calling cards but is recommended for a small group setting since multiple correct answers are possible. Free Printable Describing Quadrilaterals Bingo Use the calling cards to describe the features and characteristics …

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The Greedy Triangle Exploring Triangles with geoboards

Hands-on Math Lessons with “The Greedy Triangle”

If you love the book, “The Greedy Triangle,” be sure and grab these free printable lessons from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! Included are fun, hands-on ways to explore triangles! This can be used with kids as young as Kindergarten, but also includes more advanced pages to help middle or high schoolers understand and explore …

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Sir Cumference and the Great Knight of Angleland - Teach Junkie

Teach Geometry Angles: 3 Printable “Sir Cumference” Activities

Teach geometry and the concept of angles with a read aloud “Sir Cumference” book. Here is a free printable set of activity sheets to connect and extend the book by Cindy Neuschwander. There are activities to teach vocabulary, measuring/identifying angles like acute, right, obtuse and a fun angle-maze creation activity. Students will enjoy the book …

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