Crayon Bulletin Board Template Freebie


This is my most favorite time of the year…school is out for summer! Yippee!

Thought I would celebrate the beginning of my summer by giving you the cutest little freebie.

I shared my post about my crayon bulletin board and you all loved it.

Crayon Bulletin Board Template Freebie - each student's name on a crayon made from water bottles

I have had so many requests recently asking me how to make it and if I could send them the templates so I thought I would make it available to all of you!

Here’s how to make it

  1. Collect one empty water bottle per student.
  2. Print the crayon stencil on various color of construction paper. Roll a piece of construction paper around each empty water bottle and hot glue gun it.
  3. To make the black name ovals, simply create a text box over top of the ovals in my free download using a font that you like. Make sure the font color selected is white.
  4. Print and cut out the name ovals. Glue one name onto each crayon…

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