Cute Free Fonts for Teachers


Creating fun classroom documents is easier with cute free fonts. Here is a collection of one teacher’s favorite fonts. You may also like 42 Free Fonts for Teachers or 26 Free Fonts for Teachers that can all be downloaded from the teachers who created them. If you’ve never installed a font before, you can always watch this how to install a font tutorial video.

Cute Free Fonts for Teachers - Teach Junkie
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Making Classroom Work Fun with Cute Free Fonts

Enjoy adding a pop of interest to the stuff you make for your classroom when you add a cute free font to it! This teacher’s collection of her favorite fonts is a great starter list. Use a search engine or a reputable font website like to enter in the name of the font you like. Download the font onto your computer and unzip the downloaded file. Install the font onto the correct location file on your computer and you’re all set to use it!


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