The Paint Puddle that Comes to Life – Organic Shapes


Create an artistic project that can fit into just about any curriculum. Here is an organic shapes art project that is super creative for students in third through fifth grade. Students will create a portion of an image that has been spilled out, sprayed out or squished out from a container. Think how easily you could turn this into a piece for a book report that could illustrate the setting, time period or plot!

The Paint Puddle that Comes to Life - Organic Shapes

Creative Project with Organic Shapes

Students select a container or canister like a paint can, spray can or a tube of paint. They draw an organic shape coming out of their container. They fill in the shape with a portion of a picture – just a glimpse! Adding full color and a clever name to the canister makes this a clever and very unique project. Can you picture what might be in the image if the name on the can was, “Freckle Juice?” If you’re not using it for art class or a book report, students could use it to illustrate a social studies time period or science concept.


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