Free January Activities and Printable Resources


The month of January can be a busy one in the classroom. Here is a mega list of free January activities, printables and classroom resources.

Free January Activities and Printable Resources

Looking for what to teach in the month of January? You’ll need materials for holidays like: New Year’s100 Days of School and Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Plus – we know that somehow winter-themed activities always seem to sneak in around this time frame.

So, let’s look at the best resources from this mega list and then dive into the entire collection. Of course, you can always jump to the collection of freebies below too.

These fantastic resources have been shared by teacher bloggers and were all verified as free at the time of being included in this list. They were originally linked up to Freebie Friday on Teaching Blog Addict.

Featured Free January Resources

Here are some of the most popular resources chosen by our readers.

Free January Activities and Printable Resources - fidget spinners worksheet

Put those fidget spinners to good use! Try this free word work fidget spinner worksheet and let those confiscated fidget spinners actually have a purpose in your classroom.

Free January Activities and Printable Resources - calendar math freebie

Get students started on the calendar with a free calendar math card. They use the date and express it in multiple ways with a laminated card and dry erase marker.

Free January Activities and Printable Resources - heart shaped bird feeders

Grab a heart shaped cut out template and use it to make a bird feeder (or whatever else you need a free heart shape for).

Free January Activities and Printable Resources - superbowl craftivity

Make a superbowl themed craft with writing activity. Your students will love this football activity in time for game day.

January Freebies

We’ve broken this mega collection into multiple lists. Let’s get started checking out these January activities and freebies.

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There you have an awesome list of resources and activities for January. I hope these can come in handy now and in the future too.

More January Activities

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