Pinkalicious Spring Japanese Cherry Blossom Art

Connect art and literature with this spring Japanese art project. Read (affiliate) Pinkalicious: Cherry Blossom (I Can Read) with your class and connect it with a classic piece of Japanese art with this simple paint and q-tip project.

As Pinkalicious experiences the traditional Japanese cherry blossom celebration, students will be able to connect with other cultural traditions.

Spring Art Project Japanese Cherry Blossom - Teach Junkie

Watercolor Q-Tip Cherry Blossoms Art

Ready and enjoy the Pinkalicious story with your kindergarten or first grade class. Discuss what the cherry blossom trees and branches look like in detail. Model using black watercolor paint to create branches.

Encourage long branches and short twigs coming off of the branches. Then use a q-tip to apply pink tempera paint to create the cherry blossoms at the ends of the twigs.

Little clusters of pink petals make this a simple and stunning piece of unique art…


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