What Good is a Moose Art Project


Create a stunning moose in front of a moonlit backdrop. Here is the quick tutorial on how to make this moose with first and second graders. Pair this book with a good read like (Affiliate) Agate: What Good is a Moose to connect with color and the shape of a moose. While the story uses watercolor and is about a moose finding his self-esteem, your students will love the final product and connect with the process.

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What Good is a Moose Art Project - Teach Junkie
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Midnight Moose Art Project

Students will follow a guided drawing lesson to create a moose. If you read the Agate story, it will help students become more familiar with the shape of moose horns, which otherwise might be intimidating to draw. Students will create this art project with two pieces of paper. One for the moose  and one with the midnight backdrop that is uses tints and shades of blue.


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