5 Graphing Measurement and Data Activities for Fun


Graphing is a key part of Common Core measurement and data standards. Here are 5 free graphing activities that teach filling in a graph and help students learn how to make a graph by seeing various examples. You’ll find a mustache class questionnaire, a monster spinning printable and 3 edible treat graphs.

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Fun Graphing Activities

5 Graphing Measurement and Data Activities for Fun - Moustache You a Question - Teach Junkie
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1. Moustache You a Question – Students generate questions to ask their classmates. All while wearing a fantastic mustache that just makes the “mustasche” you a question fad go a long way in the classroom.

5 Graphing Measurement and Data Activities for Fun - Spin N Graph Monsters - Teach Junkie
Source: livelovelaughkindergarten.blogspot.com

2. Spin N Graph Monsters – Work on tracking and recording the number of spins for each monster in this Easter palette spin and graph activity.

Edible Treat Graphs for Measurement and Data

5 Graphing Measurement and Data Activities for Fun - Which Part of the Bunny Do You Eat - Teach Junkie
Source: lilcountrykindergarten.blogspot.com

3. Chocolate Easter Bunny – Label the parts of an Easter chocolate bunny and vote on which part they would like to eat first. Graph your class’ results and analyze them.

Jellybean Graphing and Sorting Thumb

4. Jellybean Sorting and Graphing – Complete with a sorting math and graphing page, you can use real jelly beans or paper cutouts to graph and record.

M&M Graphing Activity - Teach Junkie
Source: teachingwithtlc.com

5. M&M Graphing – Get a handle on graphing the colors of the rainbow using a bag of M&M’s. A mini-sized bag is the perfect treat for young students to sort and graph. Turn it up a notch to find the mean, median and mode for more advanced levels of students.

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