Age Appropriate Non-Fiction Made Simple


Ever feel like it’s super tough to find age appropriate non-fiction for kids? Here is one teacher’s experience finding non-fiction articles easily using the Smithsonian’s TweenTribune. You’ll love that the articles are about topics that your students will be interested in, well written and involves technology!

Students may need guidance and support as they read, but here are some tips on tracking thinking as they read and transferring that into a writing piece.

Age Appropriate Non-Fiction Made Simple - Teach Junkie

Smart Non-Fiction Reading and Writing Connection

Students read an article of your choice. They use sticky notes to track their thinking and will use them to write a reaction to the article. These responses can be posted as comments to the article and read by same-age peers – how fun!

You’ll be able to walk students through reading, discussing, writing and publishing their thoughts all using this clever tool for students. Simply alter the amount of independence and level of expectation for your grade level!


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