How to Help Preschoolers Recognize Their Names

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As a former preschool teacher, I would like to share some great tips that have helped me while teaching little ones. Some preschoolers don’t yet know how to read or write their names, so it is really important for them to see their names regularly.

Today, I’m going to show you some awesome ideas to help each child recognize their names.

Create a Who’s Here Today Chart

My first recommendation is to provide a “Who’s Here Today?” chart. This should be the very first place that your kids will visit when coming into your classroom.

Below is a small layout example of my attendance chart.

How to Help Preschoolers Recognize Their Names - attendance chart

How to Make It

  1. I’ve used a regular poster board with the words, “Who’s Here Today?” written at the top.
  2. I then glued pictures of each child on separate library card pockets. Then attached them directly onto the poster board, and laminated it so that the chart would last longer {it did}.
  3. After I had finished doing that, I used an X-acto Knife and slit the laminate across the opening of each envelope or pocket.

To save on money, I used index cards. I cut those in half, and used one for each child’s name. I then taped each child’s name to their separate craft stick.

After making these, I placed both the chart and the sticks near my classroom door.

It was all ready for the kids to come in and start their school day.

Use Place Mats

Another great way for kids to see their names is to make place-mats.

How to Help Preschoolers Recognize Their Names - use placemats

Here is how I made my kids’ place-mats.

  1. I have used permanent markers to write each child’s name on each vinyl place-mat.
  2. I also taped my kids’ pictures next to their name, so they could visualize and recognize their names on their place-mats.

Before whole group, I would arrange the mats on the floor and invite the kids to sit on his or her mat.

These have helped me designate a seating chart for everyone at circle time.

I hope you liked my suggestions, and can use them in your classroom too.

– Originally posted by Jacque on Teaching Blog Addict

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