Classroom Management Technique: “I am working for” Board


When students have trouble staying focused or need some motivation, you can use an “I’m working for” chart. These charts allow the student to earn some type of token, such as pennies or stickers, throughout an activity or lesson in order to earn a privilege when it is over.

The student picks from the choices given before each activity to decide what they are working for during that time.

Teach Junkie {Classroom Management} I am working for...

My classroom choices are: bounce on ball, hug, tickles, high five, squeezes in a bean bag, playing with dinosaurs for 1 minute, or jumping on trampoline.

You can use whatever you have in your room! You can use with 1 kid or a few at the same time.

This could be adapted to use with any elementary student, but works best with my primary grade students. I use it for individual students, but it could be adapted to use for a class also.

Easy to make and easy to use!  It is a great classroom management tool!

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