Create a Safe Spot {Classroom Setup}


It is very important that you have a place in your room, whether general education or special education room, that a student can go to when they just need a few minutes away.

We need to teach our students to calm themselves and be able to do this by just stepping away from other people and using calming strategies.

How to Create a Safe Spot

Create a Safe Spot {Classroom Setup}
It seems so easy for some people to send kids out of the classroom when they are becoming upset but this does not teach them the skills they need.

Take the time during your classroom setup to set up a small area in your room and teach your students how to utilize it correctly. It can make a huge difference with some kids.

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I am a special education teacher for students Kindergarten through 6th grade with emotional disabilities and behaviors. I have also taught Kindergarten and Developmental Preschool.

I have worked with a wide range of special needs eligibility areas and have loved my experiences.