Visual Direction Cards: Free Printable


Create an easy set of visual direction cards. Here is a set of printable visual directions cards for free that make giving directions easier.

Display the direction cards needed to remind students which steps they complete and the order.

These are visual reminders and make even the youngest students or non-readers more successful at following through with directions.

Visual Direction Cards: Free Printable - Teach Junkie

Free Download Visual Direction Cards

Print and laminate the visual direction cards that you’ll need. Make multiple copies of the most used ones so that you can use more than one during a set of directions.

As you model a craft or project – display the matching visual direction card.

Post the cards in order upon completion of a step along your easel, on the white board or under your document camera. That way you can then send students to work independently.

These cards include: color, shade, highlight, cut, circle. underline, fold, glue and paste…


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