14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips


Multiplication is a standard to quickly recognize adding groups of numbers. Here are 14 easy activities, anchor charts and tips to use with a few multiplication worksheets included.

I hope you will find these helpful in planning how to best teach math to your third grade and fourth grade students.

Free Multiplication Activities

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Cityscape Multiplication - Teach Junkie
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1. City Scape Multiplication – A beautiful way to connect art with math! Have students write sentences for the arrays of windows in a city-scape art project.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Multiplication Bracelet - Teach Junkie
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2. Multiplication Bracelet – Students plan to create a bracelet. They create a sentence to spend an imaginary budget before making a pipe cleaner bracelet.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - La Multiplication Con Nerds - Teach Junkie
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3. La Multiplication Con Nerds – Create a yummy array that is highly motivating by gluing nerds… and perhaps eating a few {yum!} to model a multiplication story.

Multiplication Worksheets and Games14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Four In A Row Multiplication - Teach Junkie

4. Four In A Row – A deck of cards and markers are the tools needed to play four-in-a-row to practice multiplication skills.

5. Times Table – A circular times table is a different way to practice and see patterns.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Multiples flip cards - Teach Junkie
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6. Multiples Flip Cards – Grab a set of clothespins to make these self-correcting task cards for the multiples of 4 or 7 or have an answer of 6 or 8.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Multiply Dice - Teach Junkie
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7. Multiply Dice – With graphing paper and dice, use the numbers rolled to make a box and a sentence.  Who can roll the biggest box?

Tips for Teaching How To Multiply

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Multiplication Masters - Teach Junkie
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8. Masters Belt Rewards – Create masters in multiplication by recognizing student progress. Give students new belt colors (just like in karate) as awards.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Multiplication Worksheets and facts - Teach Junkie
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9. Multiplication Worksheets and Facts – Use visual connections to real life items to help students see groupings within multiplication scenarios.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - The 9s trick - Teach Junkie
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10. The 9’s trick – Once you teach the trick to knowing the 9’s facts, create an anchor chart to help students remember. BONUS: Here’s a video to help ingrain the multiples of 3 into your students’ brains!

Anchor Charts

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - Brace Map - Teach Junkie
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11. Brace Maps – Use brace maps to represent different ways to do multiplication problems.

12. Bow Tie Method – Offering a different strategy, a way to decompose numbers to solve.

13. Multiplication is… – Once students are exposed to lots of types of scenarios, create a chart to help them recall the different examples.

14 Easy Multiplication Charts and Tips - The Property of Zero - Teach Junkie
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14. The Property of Zero – Bring the concept to a second grade level when you’re introducing the concept of multiplying by zero.

I hope you found these easy resources and lesson ideas to be helpful in planning and differentiating your math lessons.

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