Watercolor Number Bonds Activity

Create number bonds as a math strategy using watercolor paints. Here is a fun math activity for primary grades to pair up numbers that equal a number. Sometimes these are called number families – this activity focuses on all of the sums. Help students practice their addition facts by creating a beautiful number bond rainbow.

Watercolor Number Bonds Activity - Teach Junkie
source: mathgeekmama.com

Activity: Painting Number Bonds

Pair up all of the numbers to equal numbers 3-10 using this free printable template. As students work, you decide how to reinforce the strategy behind knowing number bonds and for practicing these math facts. You could have students create an equation “key” to match once it dries. On the back have them draw a colored square (say for this pictured example – green) and then the matching equations next to it (0+6=6 and 6+0=6)…

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