6 Tips to Land More Substitute Teaching Jobs


If you are a sub and not getting as much work as you’d like, come check out my tips for landing sub jobs. I’ve got 6 tips that can help you land more substitute teaching jobs.

I find that getting jobs has the most to do with knowing and impressing the right people.

Doing those things has not only put me in demand as a daily sub, but has also offered me the opportunities of many long-term substitute jobs as well.

We’ll cover:

  • making contacts
  • using social media
  • making a good impression
  • going the extra mile
  • marketing yourself
  • being creative

There is a free Daily Summary Form that is perfect for making a good impression and I’ve also got some cool links to marketing tools.

6 Tips to Land More Substitute Teaching Jobs (Free Sub Summary Sheet)

If you are a sub with plenty of work, share additional strategies you use with us.

And if you are a full-time teacher, please offer suggestions for what you look for in a sub and why you would call someone back multiple times.

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I am a former journalist who changed careers and became an elementary teacher. I have spent the last four years substituting. Many students know me as "the baby teacher" since I tend to do long-term jobs for teachers on maternity leave.

My quest is to land in a classroom of my own, but until then I plan to be the best sub I can be... and help others do the same.