2D Shapes

Creative teacher ideas and activities to teach 2D shapes.

Polygon Sort Freebie

Polygon Sort Freebie

My fourth graders struggle with knowing what is a polygon and what is not a polygon. I’ve found that if students have had little experience with irregular polygons, then they have the misconception that only familiar shapes (regular trapezoid, regular hexagon, regular decagon, etc.) are polygons. What I’m excited for them to learn is that …

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All About 2D Shapes! - freebie shape song

All About 2D Shapes!

We finally wrapped up our 2D shapes unit. I have a few 2D shapes freebies for you so come by my blog to check out each of these activities in more detail. Take your kindergarten students on a shape hunt around the classroom. Print this free activity sheet and students carry it around on a clipboard as …

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Composing and Decomposing to 10 Activity with Pattern Blocks

De/Composing to 10 Activity with Pattern Blocks

Here is an activity which helps kindergarten and 1st grade children to actually see that numbers from 1-10 are made up of parts like 2+3. It’s tons on fun! I start out by copying our Addition Mini Book and I die cut lots of pattern blocks. (You don’t need our addition mini book or a …

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Describing Quadilaterals Bingo

Describing Quadrilaterals Bingo

Work on describing quadrilaterals and identifying them too with your class. Here is a free printable bingo game to describe quadrilaterals. This game includes game boards and calling cards but is recommended for a small group setting since multiple correct answers are possible. Free Printable Describing Quadrilaterals Bingo Use the calling cards to describe the features and characteristics …

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The Greedy Triangle Exploring Triangles with geoboards

Hands-on Math Lessons with “The Greedy Triangle”

If you love the book, “The Greedy Triangle,” be sure and grab these free printable lessons from Bethany at Math Geek Mama! Included are fun, hands-on ways to explore triangles! This can be used with kids as young as Kindergarten, but also includes more advanced pages to help middle or high schoolers understand and explore …

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First Grade Art: Kandinsky Inspired Project - Teach Junkie

First Grade Art: Kandinsky Inspired Project

Love the bright and bold features of this line composition art project. Here is a Kandinsky-inspired art project that is perfect for first graders. Students will use paint, construction paper and string to create a masterpiece that will catch everyone’s eye. This step by step tutorial will explain how to complete this abstract art project …

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Perimeter Printable Activity Grid {Free} - Teach Junkie

Perimeter Printable Activity Grid {Free}

There’s no shortage of fantastic free downloads for teachers. Here is a perimeter printable activity to reinforce how to figure out the perimeter using units. This is a quick third grade activity that needs very little prep. Students will use two dice to select the number of sides and the length of the sides. Free Download Perimeter …

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Top Creative Teaching Ideas – Add Yours {7-2}

It’s that time again! It’s “Teaching Idea Tuesday” where you show off your creative teaching tips, activities and lesson plans. Link up your blog post with a teaching idea like something you taught, a project you made, a lesson, or fun tip. {anything goes} Creative Teaching Ideas In order to play with us, you’ll need to add this …

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