Perimeter Printable Activity Grid {Free}


There’s no shortage of fantastic free downloads for teachers. Here is a perimeter printable activity to reinforce how to figure out the perimeter using units. This is a quick third grade activity that needs very little prep. Students will use two dice to select the number of sides and the length of the sides.

Perimeter Printable Activity Grid {Free} - Teach Junkie

Free Download Perimeter Printable Activity

This two page free download includes both instructions and a grid drawing workspace. It takes very little prep to print the grid worksheets and add two dice. You can also simply add a grid-lined notebook with these directions taped to the front to create a “center.” If using a notebook, students would simply add their name to the page they are working on. They will use the two numbers rolled to draw a 2D shape. You can determine how you want students to represent the perimeter.


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