Fun Fruits, Roots, Seeds, Flowers Craft


Create a cute fruits, roots seeds or flowers garden. He is a fun plants science craft for kindergarten or first graders. Students create large fruits or vegetables using construction paper and fingerprints and categorize theirs into the proper category: fruits, roots, seeds or flowers. This craft would make a great addition to these 4 easy and quick parts of a plant activities.

Fun Fruits, Roots, Seeds, Flowers Craft - Teach Junkie

Fruits Roots Seeds Flowers Craft Project

We can eat so many different parts of a plant including the roots, seeds, stems, fruits and flowers. Create a class anchor chart of examples of foods like celery, strawberries and potatoes and categorize them. Then create a large fruit or vegetable using construction paper and adding fingerprints to add depth. Finish a sentence categorizing what the fruit or vegetable is – is it a root, fruit, seed or flower? Includes a free printable label for the finished crafts.


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