23 Festive Christmas Worksheets for K & 1st

What happens if you take teachers who create and throw in a little Christmas spirit? Free worksheets! Here are 23 Christmas worksheets for kindergarten and first grade to use in December. You’ll find worksheets with the Gingerbread Man, Santa, the Polar Express, the Elf on the Shelf and lots of other festive worksheets too.

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23 Funky Christmas Worksheets for Kindergarten and 1st

Gingerbread Free Worksheets and Printables

Gingerbread Writing Freebie – Have your students create a class book so that they each draw the gingerbread man running away from them.

The Little Cookie – A free printable emergent reader based on the Gingerbread Man.

Gingerbread Math Centers – Students practice adding money (up to dollars) by matching gingerbread men and price tags.

Gingerbread Man Cause and Effect – Draw and fill in the blanks to explain the cause and effect the leads to the gingerbread man’s escape.

Elf Worksheets

Elf Mini Unit – Fun writing ideas, sequencing and an elf glyph a mini unit that’s perfect if you do an Elf on the Shelf unit.

Elf Application – Why would you make a good elf? Students apply for the coolest job ever and try to persuade Santa to let them join his team.

Elf Diary - Teach Junkie
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Elf Diary – Fill out the details on your classroom elf on the shelf!

Elf on the Shelf Class Book Printable - Teach Junkie

Elf on the Shelf Class Book – Fill out the worksheet pages to create a class book.

Free Winter Themed Printables

Snowman Ten Frames – Snowman cards with numbers 0-10 in ten frames. This can be used as a scoot game, write the room or even as task cards.

Snowmen and Snowflakes – Create matches for words with a s blend, describe what a snowman is like with sensory words and count to 100 by 5’s using tally marks.

Teach Junkie: Need for Snowman

All You Need for a Snowman – Fill in the writing templates to expand on the classic book “All I Need for a Snowman.”

23 Funky Christmas Worksheets for Kindergarten 1st

Christmas Worksheets

Find, Tally and Graph – A fun and kid friendly look-n-find graphing worksheet with Christmas themed images.

Trim the Trees With Teens – Fill in the missing teen numbers in the sequences. Students can color the Christmas tree when they’re done.

Holiday Smelly Marker Fun – Check out activity #2 for a fun “read, write, SMELL” sight word or spelling word editable worksheet.

Missing Addends – Complete the addition equations by filling in the missing addends for accelerated first graders or second graders. Also includes a double digit subtraction (without regrouping) winter worksheet.

What’s the Problem – Students create 3 sentence word problems to fit the holiday themed math problem answers. A fun and creative math activity.

Santa Worksheets for Kids

How Santa Lost His Job – Read the classic Santa books by Stephen Krensky and match the cause and effect statements.

My Christmas Story – Give students a quirky story starter image and see what they come up with!

Letter To Santa – Students can write a letter to Santa using this handy template and word bank.

Santa Add and Color – Add to create sums of 10-14 to color by number. Coloring pages are great to sprinkle into your sub plans during the holiday season.

Polar Express Worksheets

The Polar Express – Snag a Polar Express brace map or a bubble map graphic organizer worksheets. You’ll also find a beginning middle end worksheet, writing train, handwriting worksheets and even an activity in Spanish for bilingual (ELL/ESL) classes!

Sequence the Polar Express – Cut and paste six events in order to retell the story.

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