Free Printable Absence Notes for the Elementary Classroom


When students are absent from school you can make it easy on parents to send in a note explaining their absence. Send home a copy or two of this free printable absence note at the beginning of the year so parents can keep it on hand.

Free Printable Absence Notes

This absent note is a fantastic tool to send home with students in kindergarten, first grade, second grade and even third through fifth grade! When you give parents some copies of this free absence note they can quickly fill out and return it when their student is ill, had a doctor appointment or was out of school.

It’s a short, sweet and lets parents know you appreciate communication. Another option is to send one of these home if a student returns to school without an absence explanation note and can be returned the next day.

Printable Absence Note Features

Parents fill out the child’s name on the absence note. The other details that the teacher and office need to know were the date the note pertains to and the reason for being absent.

There are handy check bubbles for parents to add a check mark, x out or mark in.

Free Printable Absence Notes for the Elementary Classroom

Parents sign and date this printable absence note with the date they are completing the form, which is usually the same day the student is returning to school.

In a lot of schools, a secretary or the school office will help your students and parents be in compliance with attendance expectations and notes of this type. However, I’ve found that if you can be helpful in offering an absence note like this it makes a parents job easier in the event that their child is absent from school.

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Free Printable Absence Notes for Elementary

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