18 Awesome Art Projects for Your Classroom


Making art projects happen in the classroom. Here are 18 awesome art projects for kids that have stunning results. You’ll find ideas to create inspiring art with kindergarten all the way through fifth grade. Plus, you’ll find ways to connect art projects to literature and science standards to bring learning full circle.

18 Awesome Art Projects for Your Classroom

Art Projects

Super Easy Dandelion Art Project - Teach Junkie
Source: craftymorning.com

1. Super Easy Dandelion Art Project – A quick two-step painting project that students could totally handle on their own as a center activity or with little support.

2. Printed Flowers Collage Art Project – Here is a printed flowers art project for first grade. Students will combine what they learn about famous artists like O’Keefe and Warhol to create a collage of flowers in a field.

Clouds for Kids 22 Smart Ideas Sky Above Clouds Art Project Teach Junkie
source: paintedpaperintheartroom.blogspot.com

3. Cloud Art for Kids – A Georgia O’Keefe inspired painting of clouds with blues, pinks and purples along with 21 other fantastic clouds for kids resources.

4. Black Glue Landscapes Art Project – Create a black glue-outlined landscape art project for third grade, fourth grade and fifth grade students. This project uses paint and black glue to create a very smart looking finished product.

First Grade Art: Kandinsky Inspired Project - Teach Junkie
Source: artmuse67.blogspot.com

5. Kandinsky Inspired Project – A Kandinsky-inspired art project that is perfect for first graders. Students will use paint, construction paper and string to create a masterpiece that will catch everyone’s eye.

Fun Cityscape Collages Art for Young Kiddos - Teach Junkie
Source: marymaking.blogspot.com

6. Fun Cityscape Collages Art for Young Kiddos – Here is a layer by layer tutorial on making cityscape collages using paint, Sharpie markers and newspaper.

Recycled Paper Daisies & Dragonfly Art Project
Source: artiswhatiteach.blogspot.com

7. Recycled Paper Daisies & Dragonfly Art Project – Get creative and resourceful with this recycling art project. Here is a tutorial for a simple recycled paper art project to make with second or third grade.

8. Colorful Ceramic Clay Coral Reefs Art Project – Here is how to make clay coral reefs with your class that are very colorful.

5th Grade Chalk Planets - Teach Junkie
Source: the-learningtree.blogspot.com

9. Stunning Planets Space Art: Shading Techniques – Students pick a planet to illustrate and use chalk to create the colors and shading. With a stunning a bold piece of art like this, what’s not to love?

Spring Art Project Japanese Cherry Blossom - Teach Junkie
Source: artwithrmotta.blogspot.com

10. Japanese Cherry Blossom Art – Connect art and literature with this spring Japanese art project.

11. Easy and Stunning Wildflower Art in 30 Minutes – Finding the perfect watercolor art project can be just as simple as snagging 3 materials and 30 minutes.

A Chalked Ceiling Event - Teach Junkie
Source: cassiestephens.blogspot.com

12. Gorgeous Ceiling Chalk Art Butterflies – Capture art with gorgeous sidewalk art inspired drawings. Here is a chalk art tutorial on how to create beautiful masterpieces for your school.

Graffiti Art Project - Teach Junkie
Source: beckermiddleart.blogspot.com

13. How to Draw Graffiti Art Project – Here is a how to draw graffiti lesson plan that is perfect for open house night, connecting with literature or for learning concepts of art.

Monet Art Project - Teach Junkie
Source: emmymacsclass.blogspot.ca

14. Beautifully Easy Spring Monet Art Project – Create a gorgeous water scene art project inspired by Monet in your classroom.

Symmetry and Art Come Together - Teach Junkie
Source: ohboy3rdgrade.blogspot.com

15. How to Make Stunning Symmetry Name Art – Here is the step by step tutorial on how to make symmetry name art with your class.

Sea Creatures Paint Project - Teach Junkie
Source: useyourcolouredpencils.blogspot.com

16. Sea Creatures Paint Project – A fantastic art project tutorial to create sea creatures with third graders.

Watercolor Flower Art Project - Teach Junkie
source: thekindergartenteacher.blogspot.com

17. Watercolor Flower Art Project – Here is a beautiful flower art project for kids using watercolors and oil pastels using simple shapes.

Phases of the Moon Oil Painting
Source: the-gypsy-teacher.blogspot.com

18. Phases of the Moon Oil Painting – An oil painting project using crayons, oil paint crayons and water that connects science with art.

What a creative set of projects for all grades! I hope you found these inspiring ideas helpful.

Thanks to all of the talented teachers featured in this collection – your art projects are fantastic an inspiring! Feel free to grab the “I’m a Featured Teach Junkie” blog button as your creations are definitely worth the shout out.


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